How Social media affect sport ?

When Gilbert Gottfried made fun earthquake in Japan, he was fired from his job. This shows that offensive use of mass media is punishable even by law and organizations. A member of the NBA Michael Beasley was punished after tweeting message supposed to encourage use of drugs. This answers our question of whether league commissioners are able to discipline his player for a media content made while off duty .A survey conducted recently in America shoes that around 73% of Americans use the online social media platform tools mostly Facebook and Twitter. These numbers are bound to increase with large numbers of people using the social media to market their merchandise and advertise their businesses. And at first, you need to correctly rank your product

According to psychologists, this use of a two-way dialogue has greatly influenced and benefited professional sports leagues ant their sponsors to market their things online. Some teams have even adopted the strategy of selling tickets online, and this has enabled their funs to like or follow them at the same time.

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Social media is the only platform that allows fans of a particular team to connect and interact with one another freely and with the players also. Many teams connect with their fans through offering free tickets to their twitter or facebook funs like the MLB’s who sponsored their tweets with tickets and this makes them feel royal and connected to the team. Professional athletes enjoy the social media since it allows them to speak on their own terms about the pre and post game thoughts without any contact with their fans. For instance, a platform like twitter allows for a two-way talk, which allows athletes to relate with their fans, share tips, and receive personal advice or kudos from them.

As shown in the leagues the commissioner has the authority to govern professional leagues, has limitations when it comes to the rules, for instance these documents can also limit the powers of a commissioner and his authority to institute player conducts since they are limited under a league’s CBA. The CBA has the powers to institute new laws and conducts related to the preservation of integrity of the players to maintain public confidence in the teams. The terms and conditions employment clauses include rules, which may affect the player’s benefits and has rules, which may impose new obligations upon plays making their freedom limited.

A social media .policy is bound to affect the player’s employment terms it would require to negotiations with the commissioner and the MLBPA first before it is imposed. However if the NFLPA feels that the proposed rule might negatively affect a players safety and health they have the mandate to call a meeting to discuss the matter and if not resolved they can request an advisory decision by the arbitrators.

The Chicago White Sox manager once used twitter to show displeasure to Todd who ejected him from the game. He was later fined and charged to show others that, use of social media sites by players and coaches during the game is illegal. Players and coaches are not allowed to use the social media during half time but are only allowed to use them during practices, meetings and other team events. Despite the fact that prolonged use of social media might affect the attention of the player in the field, fans are realizing that what they say on social media can have a negative impact on their personal lives. For instance, the National basketball association once got advice on restaurants while in Indianapolis. Professional athletes should be conscious of what they post on social media and be careful when speaking out their minds.

The Toronto Raptors and the Los Angela Clippers have introduced strict rules that give the commissioner’s office the mandate to punish players for offensive tweets made while off duty since this act could have a negative impact to the team. The social media has many positive impacts on professional sports leagues ability to interact directly with their fans since the social media allows them to speak out their mind freely. Although professional sports has strict restrictions for social media use during working days or at the work place they have little restrictions on their conduct on social media while off duty. The social media connects fans and brings them closer to the game and their heroes.

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