Hub by Amazon - Receive packages from anyone, any time

It’s your package. Pick it up on your schedule.

Fast and easy
Hub by Amazon is your fast and easy way to receive packages from anyone. Just ship to your home address.

Always open

Pick it up any time. The Hub keeps your package safe and sound.


Located at your residence, making getting your packages a breeze.

Your residents will thank you.

Focus on your residents
Accepting deliveries from all carriers, Hub by Amazon can free you and your staff from daily package management.

A must-have amenity
It’s convenient and easy to use, making the Hub an amenity your residents will love.

Brought to you by Amazon

Self-servce delivery and trusted customer support come together to create a solution you can count on.

Configured for your property
Indoor and outdoor Hubs are available, starting at 6’ wide. Choose from 4 neutral colors that blend seamlessly with your property.

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