An App for Those Seeking a Romantic Partner

The results of the national survey by Pew Research Center are quite surprising: 1 in 6 Americans now use technology (online dating apps or sites) to find romance.

Let’s face it. Not many of us are exactly Casanovas who know how to attract a potential love partner. Sometimes it can be hard to think of a common topic to talk about. Especially since you are nervous because you don’t even know if they like you back. And while this could have been an issue in the past, nowadays technology comes to our aid once again.

Today, there is an app for everything! And online dating wouldn’t be left without its own app.

While there are many dating apps worth mentioning, today I want to talk mainly about This dating site came in existence in the U.S. back in 1996 and ever since then around 60,000,000 people have used it. It became available as an app in 2003 so as you can see really isn’t a newcomer to the dating sites pond.

You can download it and sign up for free on your smartphone. However, if you want to use all the features available, you have to pay $22.60 a month which is quite a lot for a dating app. Compare it for example to Tinder Plus, which costs only $9.99 per month if you are under 30 and as little as $2.99 in developing countries.

Do Dating Apps Work?

“Dating apps are the simplest and the best solution to the problem of being single. And believe me when I say they really do work”, says Robin, a dating app expert who also found a way to pay 25% less on

While is a little costly, it will give you a lot of unique features for the price. You can search for people based on many different factors such as weight, height and a lot more. It also offers many types of relationships you can choose from. So whether you are gay, Christian or into Blacks or Asians, gives you the opportunity to search exclusively for the people you are looking for. Or you can simply swipe through singles near you in the Stream. It’s all there and depends on your preferences. All these features help become an app used by people generally looking for long-term relationships, although you can obviously find even one night stands there.

Some Disadvantages You Should Be Aware of

On the other hand, I have to say that also carries some disadvantages with it, just like any other dating app. The biggest one of them is privacy and anonymity. On, people with premium accounts can message you without you liking them back, which has a potential to be – in my opinion – quite scary and very creepy. This app is also infamously known for its scammers and fake users fishing for your contact info, which is a huge drawback. Some people could also say that the much simpler Tinder is better for them because they simply don’t need all those unnecessary functions.

So is worth using or should you rather stick to other dating apps such as Tinder or Badoo? That’s up to you. I personally wouldn’t use it though. However, if you want more than just a hookup and are looking for a serious long-term relationship, then it is definitely worth trying. Just beware of the scammers out there. If it seems suspicious or fishy for whatever reason, stop talking to them.

All in all, is just another dating app with both advantages and downsides and while I don’t want to say it’s not worth using, I think there are better options out there for you.

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