How A Parallels Coupon Enabled Me To Install Windows In My Mac

A Common Issue Mac Users Face

Are you a Windows or an Apple user? Have you had some anxiety behind making the switch to either system? Some of us may fluently speak the Windows operating system language, but realize that there can be a lot of value in switching to the Apple OS X. Others may have their eye on a new Windows computer, but are used to Apple.

Last November I bought a new Mac Book which I found in a crazy discount right after Cyber Monday Amazon sales. This would be my first apple device. I had heard so many good impressions about it from my cousin who is a tech geek I often take advice from. So, here it comes after a 2 days from Amazon and I am standing in front of my new laptop having no clue how to use all these new programs. I didn’t even know how to open the browser or the editor program. Next thing I know, I was calling my cousin to come and give me a free seminar on how to use a Mac. After an hour I said to him, I think I should have bought a Dell instead; this thing is not compatible with the software we use at work. He said, give me a few minutes and come to check something out. So I am coming back a while later and to my surprise I am watching the familiar Windows interface right on my macbook screen. He laughed and said, let me present you the Parallels Desktop.

Parallels Desktop is a program that allows you to have it all. You can buy that state of the art Apple computer, and Parallels allows you to run Windows Apps or view the Windows desktop so you get the best of both worlds. My cousin had a spare parallels desktop coupon for students and we bought a license 50% off.

Parallels Desktop Comes With Some Special Features

This product comes packed with special features! If you are running multiple tasks on your desktop and need to keep track of them all, you can install the Parallels toolbox. With this add-on, you can store up to 20 tasks in a single menu bar for easy access. You don’t have to worry about trying to keep track of all of your passwords!

With Parallels, you can keep your passwords in the Mac keychain. Since it’s good to switch up your passwords every now and then for safety, this comes as a very useful feature. You are also going to be impressed with how quickly and seamless this program runs. The new version of Parallels Desktop does a great job of integrating the Windows OS and Apple OS X so you can easily switch back and forth between each interface with no hassle and no long wait.


Parallels Desktop makes it super easy to Uses Windows apps on Apple OS X.

Offers 1 year of free Backup Software so you don’t have to worry about losing important data,

There have been multiple updates to the previous software to make for a more flawless experience.

This program is quick and easy to install.

You’ll enjoy how quickly you can navigate through Parallels Desktop. This product comes with speed.

This program is versatile! Parallels Desktop comes in different editions so whether you’re a business owner, developer or student, there is a price and edition of Parallels that will meet your needs.


The Parallels Toolbox can take up a lot of space on the menu bar with its multiple icons. It is also a separate download.

While using this software, you may notice that the interface is quite scattered and not very compact on your desktop.

You may get frustrated with all of the automatic updates that come with this program.

This software is limited to Apple OS X, and cannot run on any other operating system.

Information on Costs and Parallels Coupons

The great thing about Parallels Desktop is that there is an option for everyone and the pricing varies depending on what suits your needs. Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac can be purchased on a yearly plan starting at $69.99 a month. This option is good for Home and Student use. Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition is made for Testers, Developers and Power Users and is a flat $99.99 a year. Parallels Desktop Business is ideal for use in the workplace ad this option is also set at $99.99 a year. Search online for a 10% discount promo and you will come up with a few deals for parallels.

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