Facebook expands Safety Check with fundraising and more

Facebook updates Safety Check, adding personalized tools including a fundraising option for private and charitable causes  

Following a crisis, one way people give and request help is through fundraising. To make this easier, we are introducing Fundraisers in Safety Check. Within Safety Check, people will be able to create or donate to a fundraiser for charitable and personal causes to help those in need. Fundraising provides a way for people who are also outside of the crisis area to offer help. Fundraisers in Safety Check will start to roll out in the coming weeks in the US.

Updates to Safety Check:

- Introducing Fundraisers in Safety Check: people in the US will have the option to start a fundraiser from within Safety Check

- Expanding Community Help: Community Help will be available on desktop and for all crisis types where Safety Check is activated

- Adding more context with a personal note: now people can share a personal note in their Safety Check News Feed story with friends and loved ones

- Introducing crisis descriptions: get more information about a crisis from NC4, our trusted third party global crisis reporting agency, within the Safety Check tool

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