Stan - The first outdoor valet parking robot

Meet the new Stan, the first outdoor valet parking robot

A revolutionary way to park your car

Thanks to our service, you can now drop your vehicle right at the parking garage entrance, in a designated area that’s spacious, clean and well lit.
No more maneuvering! No unwanted scratches! No feeling of insecurity!You can now save time, avoid unnecessary stress, and still keep your keys!

Stan, the valet parking robot

Stan will treat your car with the utmost care:
Its driverless platform gently picks up, moves and stores all vehicles. Electrically powered, it also ensures zero-emission car storage!

Parking management system

A smart management system coordinates all the robots.
It also ensures a more rational use of parking space by storing more vehicles in a given physical area.The existent parking infrastructure doesn’t require any construction work.

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