LuxBox Case Zero Review

iPhone owners since the very beginning have purchased the iPhone for its style and features. The problem has been that after we spend that much money on a phone, we want everyone to see its exciting looks and features. 

However, the problem that plagues iPhone owners is that our cases tend to either hide the looks of the iPhone or they protect it from damage; not both - until now. The LuxBox Case Zero offers what all of us iPhone owners have dreamed about. It is a case that gives us the protection we need without sacrificing the sleek look that we can only find with our iPhone.

This ultra-thin case offers a one of a kind style that extenuates the sleek look of the iPhone, providing a slim layer so that you can still see its appearance. It provides a larger window around the camera so that when you go to use the camera you will enjoy the full features it has to offer without noticing a big, bulky case in any of your pictures. While most protective cases also hinder the charging port, meaning you have to be careful what types of chargers you purchase, this state of the art case offers a streamlined charging port so all chargers will fit. Buttons are also easily accessible so you never need to fumble around to find the feature you are looking for.

While the LuxBox Case Zero offers a slim fit iPhone case to extenuate the features and keep the phone in its original, minimal size, it also offers second to none protection. LuxBox went back to basics and took away what the case doesn’t need, leaving the necessities. They stripped the case back so that it still comes around the edges of the phone. If dropped on the corner, the screen and casing won’t crack. It also offers a rubbery back so it provides the same durability and protection, while keeping the slim fit design. The tough, easy grip textile surface provides a better grip, making it easier to keep a hold of your phone.

The LuxBox Case Zero fits the iPhone 6, 6S and the new iPhone 7. These three models have essentially the same dimensions with the exception of a larger camera on the 7. Now, when you go to upgrade to the iPhone 7, and you know you will after using the 6 or 6s, you do not need to purchase a new case to fit the new phone as you would in the past. You can continue to enjoy the sleek design and the ultimate protection that this revolutionary case has to offer.

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