Google will now let you book fitness classes in Search

Google's tool for booking fitness classes and spa appointments, Reserve with Google, is now available across the US

Google thinks you're fat, now lets you book fitness classes in Search 
Shake off those winter blues and spring into shape. Starting today you can book and pay for fitness classes throughout the U.S. on Google Maps, Google Search and the Reserve with Google website. Here’s how it works:
Visit Reserve with Google on desktop or mobile. There you can search for fitness studios near you, use filters to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for, get recommendations for new classes, or book a spot in the session you already know and love. At checkout, you’ll even be able to take advantage of intro offers when available and buy class packages or memberships.
You can also book classes from Google Maps and Search. On Google Maps (desktop) and Google Search (mobile and desktop), just search for the studio you want and click “Reserve with Google” to see the class schedule, book, and pay.

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