What is social gaming?

What is social gaming?

Nowadays online gaming is one of the most addictive activities around as you don’t have to go somewhere just sitting at home and enjoying your favorite game. Some believe that gambling online doesn't have the atmosphere of the land-based ones, but, surely, they are more convenient. What makes social gaming different from others, and why players find them so hard to resist? This kind of games is based on Social Platforms, which means that all users and players have their identities and can maintain communication with other players;

  • Social gaming is popular among those who like to play for free. This feature makes these games perfect for beginners, who don't want to risk and play for real money. Gamblers, who prefer real adrenaline rush will be more than happy to play poker, making real bets. Online poker software development has reached new heights as casino software developers make their bets to satisfy needs of millions players worldwide;
  • Numerous players are involved in gaming process. This multiplayer feature can engage few dozens players in one game. In general, this is a common feature for social games. It is possible to invite friends and share a game field;
  • Social gaming is famous for its casual character and creating great opportunity to play anywhere and anytime. People who choose these games, usually play at workplaces, cafes or homes. Games were designed for average players not for professionals, but the providers still have to work hard to deliver high-quality results for multi million audiences. Mobile versions of games are extremely popular among commuters – why waste time during your way to the office?
  • Every player is more protected against online fraud. Those who want to participate in social gaming must be registered users of social network, which means that they have to provide personal data:  email, phone number, name.
  • Social gaming can lessen your stress when you need a break from a daily routine.

Best developers to create outstanding gaming experience

Planning to start your own gaming business and interested in social gaming? Such social networks as Facebook, Vk etc. can become a source of your income. All you have to do is to contact specialists, professional software developers, and they will create a massive gaming platform to ensure success of your business and attract new players.

Today, among best known companies, involved in developing of new games and having great reputation on the market we can name the following:

  • EvenBet Gaming;
  • Playfish;
  • Social Gaming Network;
  • Thunderkick;
  • EGT;
  • Play’n Go, etc.
Addressing any of these companies will guarantee future success of your gaming product and flawless cooperation.

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