Helixot - Waterproof & submersible backpack for outdoor enthusiasts

The Helixot XO 6.2 bag is a hybrid backpack cool and fun. It made up of two parts a nautical coated fabric & screw-cap closing mechanism.

Want your camera, phone, car keys, wallet safe and dry! Don’t want any restraints? Want to be free to explore and enjoy every moment?

That's for everyone enjoying:
- sailing
- whitewater sports
- snowboarding, surfing and kite-surfing and all water sports
- hiking and trekking 

The XO 6.2 backpack by Helixot is the answer! It allows you to fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activity while keeping your personal items accessible and dry!

It’s 100% submersible, so you're ready for any adventure life takes you on, regardless of the weather or your surroundings.

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