Microsoft launches in preview

Microsoft launches in preview, an AI service for letting users CC Cortana on emails to schedule meetings

Setting up a meeting with someone outside your company can be a time-consuming hassle. When you can’t see each other’s calendars and free/busy information, working out a time to meet can easily take more time than the duration of the meeting itself. Emailing back and forth, proposing alternative times and dealing with conflicts keep you from doing more productive work. Wouldn’t it be great and save a lot of time if you had your own personal scheduling assistant?
Overcoming the challenges of scheduling meetings outside your organization is the goal of a new Microsoft incubation project code-named “” This project gives Cortana, your personal digital assistant, the ability to arrange meetings on your behalf. By delegating scheduling tasks to Cortana, you can focus on getting things done rather than wasting time emailing back and forth.

Image credit: Venture Beat

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