Wednesday, November 2, 2016

As years go by, the student community of the world has been trying to find ways of how to make the studying process a bit easier, and most importantly - less time consuming. Every student hates the process of writing an essay, or solving math equations, when instead, he or she could be partying it up somewhere.

Below, you will find a few useful programs and apps that could potentially make your student life easier.


From personal experience, i can tell you that Grammarly is probably the most useful tool that any student could ask for if he/she has to write essays often. Grammarly offers to proofread your essay, for a small fee of course. They have been in the proofreading business for a while, and have millions of fans throughout the world. What you do is just copy and paste what you need to be proofread into the tab grammarly has on its website, and after your text is analyzed, the program will highlight everything that in its opinion could be written better!


Scribd is the world’s largest online library that allows you to personalize your own little library. Face it, sometimes when you sit down to start researching, certain things come up and days later you forget what you were reading or where you found it. With Scribd you can save books, articles, documents, etc to your personal library so it’s always there for you. This makes the research process of writing any sort of essay way more easier. is a custom essay writing service that has been helping students with their essays for over 10 years. This website can write any sort of academic essay in a matter of days, and even hours. This is an amazing website for those students who don't have the time nor patience to write an essay. Get the best essay writing help the internet has to offer at is an educational branch of google. Any questions that have to do with academics - you can easily find an answer to them at How to write an amazing research paper? How to do good in my accounting class? How to write an an amazing dissertation? WikiHow knows it all!

Are you a person who doesn't have a very big vocabulary behind him? Or are you that person that has so such a big vocabulary, that at some point when writing an essay you are having a hard time to choose the best word that would fit into that specific sentence? Well, stop your worries! As you most likely understood, this website is an online Thesaurus which helps students across the globe to enrich their essays.


PhotoMath is an App that can be used on both android and IOS, and is also my personal favorite! If you are ever stuck with some math equation, and have no clue of where to even begin with it- PhotoMath is there for you. All you need to do is take a picture of the equation, and within a few seconds you'll have a step by step solution to it pop on your screen.

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