Intel Shooting Star - First drone designed for arts, entertainment and light shows

Intel Lights Up the Night with 500 'Shooting Star' Drones

Listen as experts from Intel's Light Show talk about Intel's newest drone the Shooting Star, a quadcopter that showcases the integration of computing, communication, sensor, and cloud technology, in a record-breaking 500 drone light show display.

The Intel® Shooting Star drone is the company’s first drone created for entertainment light shows. The drone is designed with safety and creativity in mind with a super light-weight structure and virtually limitless color combinations. We’ve also worked with the FAA to receive a Part 107 Waiver to fly these drones as a fleet with one pilot at night in the U.S. This means we can now create beautifully choreographed images in the nighttime sky quickly and easily in the U.S.

Source Intel

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