Bonjour - Smart alarm clock with artificial intelligence

Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.

Meet, Bonjour. She’s a revolutionary voice-controlled and A.I. enhanced alarm clock that acts as your personal assistant.

With a human voice and mindful mannerisms, she’s the first alarm clock you’ll be happy to wake up to.

Bonjour can adjust your wake-up time if certain conditions are fulfilled. Let’s say you have a meeting and you can’t be late: Bonjour will check traffic reports and may wake you up earlier than scheduled if there’s a major traffic jam. Or, say you’d like to start your Sunday with a 6 AM run: Bonjour will check the weather and let you sleep in if there’s any rain or storms.

By tracking traffic on your morning commute, Bonjour can suggest you leave early if there's heavy traffic on your way to work or order you an Uber earlier than usual.


Bonjour integrates with your calendar so she knows your agenda, allowing her to automatically set your alarm. You'll never oversleep and miss another meeting again.

Bonjour is the "hub" of your sleep needs and has the ability to help you sleep better. Ultimately, she can help you fall asleep faster with her guided relaxation program. She seamlessly connects with your Pebble, Apple Watch, and/or holi's SleepSensor allowing her to give insights and data to help improve your sleep routine (bedtime regularity and sleep-time consistency). Additionally, Bonjour can connect to many popular tracking devices such as Fitbit and Misfit to provide you with a comprehensive sleep analysis.

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