Monday, November 7, 2016

When smartwatches first came out they were hailed by some as the greatest thing since the iPhone -- this was especially true once Apple unveiled its smartwatch.

As is usually the case when the company comes out with a product, other companies followed with their own versions. These days most of us know at least one person who owns a smartwatch or we've seen them on store shelves. However, to say that everyone is going out and buying them in droves would simply be untrue, which has led many to ask if the whole smartwatch phase is just that.

There's one caveat when it comes to smartwatches: it's not always easy to use them to play online games, such as 7 Sultans Real Money Casino. Still, many people have been willing to give them a try either due to their novelty, promise of being the next best tech gadget, or their great style. Here's a closer look at whether smartwatches truly are the new timeless tech or just another fad.


Smartwatches are appealing, but not to a wide range of people. Most of them look quite modern or contemporary, and hardly stand up to the classic aesthetic of watch brands such as Rolex. Sure, you can't perform the same functions on a Rolex that you can on an Apple Watch, but an Apple Watch also wouldn't look so hot with a formal suit. Since smartwatches are geared towards a certain audience, their appearance will simply never strike a chord with the majority of the masses. What a tech loving millennial sees as stylish the next person will think is forgettable or outright tacky -- it's clear that smartwatches won't be able to make it on looks alone.


Technically, smartwatches are supposed to eventually replace smartphones. That, of course, is only if they ever manage to become as popular as the latter. That hasn't happened yet, and it can't even be said that the gadgets are as loved as game sites like 7 Sultans casino. However, what smartwatches do have going for them is a host of handy functions.

While smartwatches can do a lot, they don't do near enough to replace devices such as tablets and smartphones. They actually aren't much use to the bulk of the public, which is why most people aren't getting them -- have you ever thought of a time when you wish you had a smartwatch on your wrist? Probably not. There's a reason why buying an iPhone is more palatable than purchasing an Apple Watch: one can be considered invaluable in one's everyday life, while the other is like a toy for grown-ups.

The Final Verdict

As neat as they look, smartwatches simply aren't as popular as many thought they'd be. Pebble laid off about 25% of its staff in March, which isn't an indicator of their smartwatch being a success. In fact, no smartwatch from any brand has seriously taken off, as evidenced by the price of Apple Watches being lowered and FitBit's stock dropping. Let's not forget that technology has went down the smart watch road before in the 80s and 90s -- anyone remember Seiko's RC series or Timex's DataLink? What was true then is true now: most people don't have the money or desire to splurge on high tech watches. If it's any consolation, at least 7 Sultans casino won't be going out of style anytime soon.

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