Friday, October 7, 2016

While technology has made our lives easier and more manageable in many ways, it hasn't helped relieve the stress and strain that comes with parenting.

Using bots and AI (and human touch!), Hiro is a full-service personal assistant app that deals with every issue a new parent has to cope with in their family’s early stages. By answering their questions, providing proactive information on upcoming milestones, and personalized product recommendations, we're endeavoring to bring peace of mind and make parenting easier.

Your personal baby assistant.

With 60% of families being dual working today, it can be a struggle to spend a satisfying amount of time with your kids. In a time when we’re creating self driving cars, experiencing augmented reality, and pioneering to Mars, parenting - a job most adults will take on at some point in their lives - is still incredibly difficult. We set out to fix that.
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