Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hundreds of years in the making.

The pencil as we know today is the evolution of one of the oldest writing instruments known to man. It has a history of inspiring thinkers to put their ideas down on paper, to create something from nothing.

Designed with near endless potential.

Don’t understimate the simplicity of the pencil. Each pack has the cumulative potential to draw hundreds of miles of lines and write thousands of words. From the beginning to the end of a pack—what will you create?



The first thing you’ll notice when you hold the Archer is how light it is—and how easy it is to use.

Smooth Graphite

Made with HB graphite, the Archer is a perfect balance of dark and light for versatility in writing and drawing.

Slipless Finish

Gone are the days of pencils that make your fingers slip down the body—the Archer stays put in your hand.

Ultra Minimal

Distilled to only the absolute necessities of a pencil, the Archer is a product of a laser-focused design process.

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