Friday, September 23, 2016

Fast forward to 2106, social media is more than just a platform to connect with families and friends. It has evolved into an effective marketing channel for companies both small and huge to reach their audience, strengthen their brands, and discover talents in the market pool.
Similarly, it has also become a powerful tool for job hunters to stay updated on job vacancies and company news.

Twitter is perhaps one of the highly used social media platforms by companies to announce job vacancies. Hence, more and more people these days sign up on Twitter solely for the purpose of keeping updated for job-related tweets.
But as an applicant, how can Twitter work for you? We have rounded up tips on how Twitter can help your career.

Make connections 

It may appear cliché but in its truest form, Twitter, is a platform for making new connections and strengthening existing ones. Follow the people that interest you. It may be the CEO of a tech giant company or the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine you love, it doesn’t matter. What you are looking for are opportunities for you to connect with these people and build relationships outside of social media.
Twitter is the perfect place to meet high-level executives. Make it work for you.

Build your personal brand 

Much like the companies marketing their products and services, Twitter is an invaluable tool for you to enhance your online presence and market yourself. Your name is your brand and your tweets are like your products or services. So as much as you want to rant next time, you have to be careful with what you post online. Social media offer a quick way for companies to conduct a background check. You don’t want your potential employer having a bad impression when he or she looks at your profile. To make most of your Twitter account, tweet something that would demonstrate your skills. Re-tweet topics you are a subject matter expert of and share your opinion.

Stay on trend 

Following the key movers in the industry you are interested to work in enables you to know about innovations and trends. Through self-learning, you can use this information to further your skills. Moreover, staying abreast with the latest news also provide you with better understanding on the direction of your industry and give you time to prepare for it.

Job hunt 

As mentioned above, companies these days create Twitter handle solely for the purpose of looking for the right candidates to fill in vacant posts. Who knows? The company you want to work for may have a vacancy soon. You’ll immediately learn about it if you follow it.

Engage and make an impact 

Engage as much as you can. Answer questions posted by the people you are following or share your opinions. If one of the people you are following posted a question and you have the answer for it, don’t be afraid to interact. Let them know what you are good at. Who knows? It may be the perfect opportunity for you to get noticed.

Author bio:
Stephanie M. Braun is a social media marketer who knows a lot about Travel Guide in New Zealand

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