Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Houseparty is a synchronous social network and it just finished going through a successful beta period of six months.

On the surface it’s like a super fast and simple “group facetime”, while also becoming the foundation for an elaborate virtual space where people can hang with friends when they are physically apart.

Face-to-face conversations over the internet are way too formal right now. We wanted lightweight way for us to see our friends everyday, no setup required.

Houseparty Manifesto:

* Rule #1: it’s a party
* Open up the app, and you’re with your friends — immediately
* You may have expectations of who you’ll see at the party — you may also be surprised
* The more people you know at the party, the more fun it is!
* No randos
* A house party is comfortable and casual
* You can show up — or leave — at any time

Product decisions:

* Users are always live (screen is live on open)
* Permissive; Friends can join friends-of-friends conversations
* Users know when friends are in the app
* We clear/update notification to always reflect who is currently in the house

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