Business Apps You Haven't Heard About Yet, But Will

Being an entrepreneur is a bit like being a hardcore bodybuilder. You’ve got to bring your A-game to everything that you do. But today’s entrepreneurs are less dependent on teams of people and their own guile than ever before. And it’s all thanks to the rise of apps.

Here are some of the apps that most CEOs haven’t heard about yet, but will.

Email Hunter

Getting a business off on the right foot in the modern era involves making a lot of connections. You need to get in contact with as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that can be a little tricky to do by email. The last thing that you want is to be sending emails to some generic email address like That’s a surefire way to guarantee you don’t get a response.

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What you’d like instead is a way to email the people you would like to talk to directly. Email Hunter allows you to do just that. The app currently has a database of hundreds of millions of company and personal emails. All you have to do is type keywords into the app, and it’ll show you a list of associated email addresses. It’s then your job to curate that list to find the ones with the most promising leads. What’s more, Email Hunter, unlike many business apps, is free.


When starting up a company, most entrepreneurs focus on the big stuff. What matters is their idea and the quality of the people they hire.

But there are many smaller, annoying costs also associated with beginning a startup. These include the cost of whiteboards, desks, chairs and so on. All the paraphernalia of the office to put it concisely. Getting all this stuff brand new is expensive and not something lean startups typically want to do. And so many look to the second-hand market. Unfortunately, this too can be a hassle. Finding office equipment for sale can itself, be time-consuming.

This is where 5Miles rides to the rescue. The app uses the GPS feature on your phone to show you all the office gear being sold in a 5-mile radius around you. This means that you can quickly pick up all the fixtures and fittings you need to get your enterprise off the ground. The app is user-friendly, and it comes with a pretty picture to make your buying decisions easier.


Right now the market is crammed with cloud storage solutions for businesses. One solution making waves right now is Zoolz. Zoolz allows companies to share files and collaborate over the cloud. And because there’s no limit on the number of users, it scales well with business too. Zoolz doesn’t cap upload or download speeds either, making for a snappy response no matter what type of files you’re dealing with.

Zoolz offers a what they call a “tribrid” system for customers. There’s a service for files that are used every day, another for archived materials. And finally, local storage solutions.

Of course, Zoolz isn’t the only game in town. There are many other providers of cloud storage, like JustCloud and SugarSync. You can read a detailed review of SugarSync here.

Some introverted entrepreneurs feel most at home behind their keyboards. But the best way to influence people and grow your startup is to get out there in person. Meetup is an app that allows startups to do just that. It caters for all sorts of groups. And it’s a great way to find collaborative partners as well as niche groups of customers.

Furthermore, Meetups is a great tool for opportunistic CEOs. It allows CEOs to take advantage when they’re in a new city and find people to talk to they wouldn’t ordinarily meet.


Founders are human beings. Just like everybody else, they want the chance to relax and switch off for a while. But many entrepreneurs are rushed off their feet and burning the candle at both ends.

This is where Headspace can help. Headspace has a bunch of science-backed techniques to help you relax and meditate. The app has proven popular among CEOs looking to recharge their batteries on evenings and weekends. The idea is to reduce the amount of stress CEOs face so that they have the same level of energy for the next day. Downtime is important.

Using Headspace, its maker claims helps to reduce stress, improve sleep and generally aids focus and wellbeing. Even if you don’t believe in meditation, what’s the harm in trying it out? There’s a free version.

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