Tuesday, September 20, 2016

While the masses flock to the iPhone or Galaxy, there are plenty of other smartphones available that may meet your needs more effectively. Many come at a lower price point than the major brands, and offer just as many — if not more — features. Whether your priorities are customization, camera abilities or storage, there is an alternative smartphone out there for you. Instead of getting in line for the latest release from Apple or having to return a flaming Galaxy, take a look at some other options available in the market.


If you're looking for a smartphone that's different from the norm, the LG G5 is a great option. You've likely heard of LG electronics in regards to their home appliances and televisions, but their smartphones also have great and reliable technology. The all-metal uni-body creates a sleek and modern look, and truly represents the phone. It features a dual camera with an ultra wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture amazing photographs. The 5.3-inch Quad HD screen is bright and big, making it a very user-friendly device. Plus, it has big storage capabilities and a strong battery life. The brand you know continues to provide high-quality and trustworthy products.

Huawei P8

Huawei is one of the most popular smartphone brands in China, and it garnered its popularity for good reasons. The P8 delivers top performance speeds and one of the best cameras available on a smartphone. It has a DSLR-level image signal processor, a 13 MP rear camera, time-lapse capabilities and more. It even has a light painting feature and Director mode so you can create professional-grade art right from your phone. For creative minds always seeking a new project, this is a phone to consider.

Nextbit Robin
The Nextbit Robin is a game changer for those who are always reaching their storage limits. This phone is smart — it merges cloud and onboard storage, allowing for much greater capabilities. The Robin archives apps you don't use and restores them when needed in order to intelligently save space. Another exciting feature is the touch capabilities on the side button. Just press the side button to wake up the phone, and leave it there for another second to unlock, eliminating the need for passwords or codes. The creators also encourage users to make it their own, by choosing their own carriers, uploading custom ROM and more, so developers may find it a good fit.

Fairphone 2

The Fairphone products are a great choice for those interested in sustainability and social change. It's easy to feel good about buying a phone when you know where it comes from, down to the source materials. It's also a modular phone — an extremely unique feature in the market. If something breaks or gets damaged on the Fairphone, replacement parts can easily be purchased in their online shop, and the phone can be fixed in minutes. With most mainstream phones you need to go to a special technician or get a completely new smartphone, so this could be a time, money and stress saver. 

Before you hop onboard with the trendiest smartphone release, take time to consider the other options that are available to you. There are many phone manufacturers besides Apple and Samsung, and they are creating great products that may be even better for you.

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