Friday, August 19, 2016

Modern society is far from perfect, and with rising crime figures, the homeowner must take steps to protect the property against unauthorised entry. The older generation will reminisce, explaining that in their day, no one locked the house when they went out, and while that might have been the case fifty years ago, home security is necessary today.

Variety of solutions

Home security systems have come a long way in the past few years, with motion and sound sensors able to activate alarm systems, and infra-red beams strategically placed, making it almost impossible to break in. While security alarm systems are efficient, there is a more cost-effective way to protect one’s home and that is to monitor the perimeters round the clock.

Video surveillance

This doesn’t mean one has to pack the sandwiches and coffee flask, and camp out at all hours, as technology provides a 24/7 neighbourhood watch in the form of a CCTV system. A typical home CCTV system would include four state-of-the-art cameras that would be positioned to cover all entry points, and with remote viewing, one can watch the home at any time, from any location. CCTV is a great deterrent to the average burglar, as they avoid risk as much as possible, and besides, there are many unprotected homes that offer a much easier entry.

Professional service

If one lives in Western Australia, Castle Security offer a wide range of security solutions for domestic and commercial clients, and with expert installation, the property will be well protected. The recent developments in camera technology have resulted in a fall in prices, making video surveillance even more affordable.

Customised solution

No two properties are identical, and with customised video surveillance, one can create the perfect angles, giving the occupants peace of mind that the perimeters are being monitored at all times. When a prospective customer contacts a security company, they will send a representative to view the property, and with the client’s input, a design will be put together. The installation is usually completed in a matter of hours, and the system switched on.

The deterrent factor

It isn’t a bad idea to alarm the windows and doors of a home, but CCTV cameras provide all the deterrent one would need, as burglars avoid homes that are protected by video surveillance systems, and they are easy to spot if one is a professional thief. It is for this reason that prominent camera locations are preferred, and with stickers placed at the front of the home, any potential intruder would simply walk away. If one is looking for CCTV in Perth, there are online home security companies that specialise in CCTV systems.

Remote viewing

The annual family holiday is always welcome, yet there are times when a person wonders if all is well at home, and with remote viewing, one can watch the perimeters of one’s property in real time, using the Internet as a medium.

CCTV is by far the most cost-effective solution for home security, and with a professional installation, the house will be protected 24/7.

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