Monday, August 1, 2016

Keeping an open line of communication with your customers (or potential customers!) is one of the best ways to ensure you deliver customer satisfaction. One of the increasingly popular additions to business websites have been chat widgets – giving browsing visitors a direct line to your employees to discuss products, services and general company information. But most chat widgets are complicated and cost money to host. If only there were a free messaging service, that everyone already knows how to use, powered and maintained by one of the world’s biggest tech support teams...

Oh wait. That sounds an awful lot like Facebook!

And with Supple’s easy new Facebook Messenger Widget Creator it’s easier than ever to link Facebook’s messaging system with a small pop-up on your business site. A tweak on this fantastic idea from Tom Critchlow, just provide your Live Chat Hours and Additional Contact Email and we’ll automatically generate a fully-functional widget for your site!


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