6 Tips For The Job Search

1. References From Friends/Family 

Even though you might feel that searching for a new job is a very personal struggle, you shouldn’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends. More often than not, someone you know is aware of a job opportunity that isn’t being publically advertised yet. After all, businesses have a tendency to share their upcoming openings with current employees before the information is made available to everyone. Exploit these resources.

2. Past Employers 

Assuming you ended your business relationship on a good note, feel free to call your past employers and ask about job opportunities. Even if you don’t end up working directly for them, you could be referred to another company or executive that your previous employer is familiar with. Businesses thrive on connections. Utilize those connections and take advantage of past work experiences. If you were a quality employee, your old boss won’t hesitate to help you in your time of need.

3. Craigslist Postings 

We’ll start this options with a preface. Be safe and cautious when you use Craigslist.
That being said, Craigslist is an incredible resource for individuals seeking local job opportunities. Companies that are less technologically savvy will likely post their openings on Craigslist because the format is user-friendly. Even large corporations, like Kroger, have been known to hire new employees through Craigslist (after an interview or two, of course).

4. Newspapers / Newsletters 

The oldest form of job hunting began with a cup of coffee and ended with the Sunday newspaper. In the classified section, you’ll find dozens of open positions in the area, along with useful information about apartments, housing, and items for sale. After all, Craigslist is basically an online classified section that is constantly updated by thousands of users. Why not turn to a more reputable source, if you aren’t having luck online? Try a traditional print newspaper instead.

5. Phone Calls 

If you don’t have time to go door-to-door, do the next best thing. Pick up the phone and call local businesses to ask about openings. This shows the same amount of motivation and willingness to go the extra mile, but it also saves you gas money and (ultimately) wasted time. If a business asks to see you in-person, then you should set up an appointment as soon as possible. If not, many companies will conduct their interviews over the phone. It just depends on the manager or owner.

6. Temp Agencies 

First, we should say that temp agencies will supply you with a job more often than not. However, these jobs are temporary (hence, the name). They usually last anywhere from ninety days to six months. On the plus side, if the company notices that you are doing a particularly top-notch job, they may choose to hire you permanently. Our advice to you is this – if you absolutely cannot find a job using the other nine resources specified above, take the leap and visit a temp agency. You can always search for another position after you’ve started your new job.

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