Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is a really neat site. First off, I ❤️ the design. it's BEAUTIFUL!
The idea is pretty simple though.

Find awesome movies.
Find how/where to see them.
Find our about similar movies.
Find collections of movies.
Find info about movies and the people in them
Find all the things!

Really a 💯 site for all the movie lovers 👍.

When you're wondering what's top-notch and fresh, welcome to Hubbos, your convenient buddy for movie discovery. It is the fresh discovery project, which brings to its users a global overview of the movie world. The website is created for those who appreciate clean elegant design and comfortable easy-to-understand interface. Because of it’s simplicity and foolproof usability for comers and goers, it is great for discovery, sharing, and all movie enthusiasts.

What you can see at the moment on Hubbos is just a small number of all ideas for the project, about one percent of the existent potential. Despite this fact, the functionality is already more than convenient: there is a complete and global database of films of all genres; you can see all upcoming movies and which flicks are presently in the theaters; aggregation of stores, where you can watch a movie online, and aggregated rating for each movie; hand-made collections of movies and film series (sincerely made by editors); you can find the movie filter on almost any page (year, genre, etc.).

Categorization is simple as well, for example, there is a separate page for Oscar Winners. User functionality will make you feel comfortable, almost like at home - you will find Watchlist, Watched and personal collections pretty useful. Additionally, you can watch the filmography of all actors and directors right here, like clockwork.

Anyways, a lot of new work will be done in the next couple of months. Great features will be added (for ex., the new stores for online streaming, the main media platforms reviews, the biggest amount of different, but always inspiring collection, Wikipedia interlinking, TV-series, etc.), and all of the experience will be raised to the new level of awesomeness before long.

There are a lot more of the new stuff and surprises coming. You will definitely love these sexy UX and smooth discovering process. Please, stay tuned! Hubbos team wishes you the most exciting movie time!

Source Hubbos

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