CTRL-F Search printed documents, with your camera!

Printed texts

Search any printed document: Books, magazines, user manuals - you name it

PDF Export

Export your document as a fully searchable PDF, for free! Other apps charge a monthly fee for this.

50+ languages

CTRL-F supports searching texts in more than 50 languages. The app is especially helpful if you don't speak the language and are looking for a specific word in a wall of text.

More finding, less searching

Stop tracing your finger through long documents - CTRL-F allows you to quickly search all types of printed texts: Books, magazines, user manuals, and everything else you can think of!

Scan to search

To search a document, simply scan the page using your device's camera.

As powerful as your PC

The app then analyses the document and you'll be able to search within it after a few seconds, just like you would with a digital document and CTRL-F on a PC!

Any device

The app works on any Android device, including tablets. Support for iOS is coming soon.

Source CTRL-F

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