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Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to grow your business and get your name out there. Promotional giveaways are always popular, not only can you attract people to your stand, you can even show off your business to people who didn’t even visit the trade show.
If you are wondering what sort of giveaways you might want to give away at a trade show, then here are a couple of ideas.

Pens: Pens are a great way of getting your brand out there. They are cheap, unlikely to be wasted and easily stored. Visitors will likely use these pens regularly and give your brand a great deal of exposure. Pens start from as little as £0.16 per unit.

Promotional mugs are extremely popular. Visitors will take the mugs to work and mugs have an extremely long life span. A mug also has a lot of space to put your company logo and details on. Everybody knows Brits love a cup of tea, your brand is likely to get great exposure considering the average Brit drinks 876 cups of tea per year!

Travel Card Holders – If you are exhibiting in London then travel card holders are a great idea. Starting from £0.16 per unit with 250 units at £0.79 per unit, travel cards will most likely be used daily. Travel cards are available at short notice with a 10 day lead time.

Wristbands: Wristbands are an incredibly cheap way of getting your brand out there. Popular amongst charities, wristbands start from £0.30 per wristband. A branded festival style wristbands can be used as proof of entry to an event and include your brand info if you plan to run a sponsored event of conference.

Tote Bags:
At trade shows, visitors will be given a lot of giveaways and will need a way to carry it all. If you provide a high quality bag that can be used for this purpose, then you will have people walking around the trade show with your logo by their side the whole time! This can draw more people to your stand. Starting from £0.68 per unit tote bags have become extremely popular especially with the increase in popularity of reusable bags.

Stress Balls:
Stress balls are also a great idea. A great item that will be gaining exposure sat on a desk, with a range of different stress balls available.

Conference Packages: Why not consider making your own conference package with a number of different items in a branded bag. Things like notepads, pens and stress balls would make up a popular conference package.

Although one of the more expensive promotional products promotional t-shirts are great especially if you are launching a new brand or product. With a range of different quality t-shirts available it is possible to adjust your level of investment depending on the quality of t-shirts you would like to giveaway.

Fridge Magnets - Fridge magnets are something different when it comes to giveaways, although not gaining as much exposure in public, a great giveaway can attract visitors to your stand and can be a constant reminder of your brand for the owners.

Investing in the correct promotional products at your next conference or marketing event could be a important to help your brand stand out.

Daisy Burgess - Blogger for Promotional Merchandise companies - Details taken from a range of companies including

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