Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The price of electricity bills can get really high, this can be due to increasing prices but also extra electricity usage. Below are five tips that you can use to lower your electricity bills. Some involve lowering the cost and others involve using less. If you do all of them, then you could find you will save significant amount of money.

Solar Panels

Getting solar panels installed is not possible for everyone. It will depend on whether you own the home, the direction your roof faces and whether there are any planning restrictions on your home. However, whether you choose to invest yourself or use a company that will pay for the panels and installation but keep the Feed in Tariff (FIT) money, it could be a really good money saving decision. How much you save will depend on which way the roof faces, how many panels will fit on and whether the roof gets any shade in the day. Your fitter should be able to do all of the calculations for you before you commit to buying so you will be able to work out whether you think it is worth it.

Change Supplier

It is well worth comparing the prices of different electricity suppliers. Their prices can vary a lot and it can be down to your individual usage as to which one will be the cheapest for you. So do not rely on what your friends or family say will be the cheapest but actually do the comparison yourself. This is easy to do online and you will get immediate figures on how much you would expect to pay from different suppliers. The big names tend to be the dearest but some of the smaller names are run by the big companies and so you will still have that same level of trust you get with a big brand but without the big brand prices. It is well worth doing some research.

Energy Saving Appliances

There are many things these days that you can buy which do not use as much energy. These include white goods and light bulbs. It can make a large difference to the electric bill if you get some of these. Investing in them all at once would be expensive and tend to cost you more money than you save. However, if you replace worn out items with energy saving ones over time, you will not be spending money you would not have spent anyway but you will be paying less electricity while you are using them.

Switch Things Off

It sounds so obvious but many people still do not make sure that they switch everything off. Switching off lights when you have finished in a room, not leaving computers on and not leaving things on standby can make a big difference over the course of a year to your electricity bill. Even if you just save a small amount, it is all money that you can save or spend on other things with very little effort.


If you heat your home with electricity then it is really wise to insulate it well. This could mean anything form loft insulation, a sleeve around your water tank, thick curtains, draft excluders on doors to cavity wall insulation. Think about every place where heat is lost and see whether you can improve the situation. Windows are often overlooked as a place where heat is lost, closing curtains over draughty windows and putting rugs over gaps between floor boards can make a difference too. Even if you have a gas boiler there is still going to be some electricity used for your heating plus these changes could lower your gas bill and so still help to save you money. 

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This post was written and supplied on behalf of, Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware in Canada.

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