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Not all data centers are created equal but without some experience in the field, it's hard to determine which one of your options is the better pick. However, picking and inefficent data center could mean having to pay for major energy bills or potentially even the horrible consequences of stolen data or machinery. We'll show you the top 5 things to look for before you make your decision.

1. Scalable Features 

Tech doesn't stay the same, and most likely neither does your company. While you likely won't be growing at the rate of technology, you still need to have a data center that can grow based on your needs and the needs of the computer world. When upgrades need to be done, the infrastructure needs to be able to support performance changes and on-demand services. Essentially, you need to find a data center that will continue to stay secure, fast and reliable under all circumstances, and much of that comes from having a flexible network and equipment.

2. Clearly Documented Protocol 

Data centers are affected by tiny factors that are sometimes overlooked. Even small changes to the atmosphere can mean big changes to performance. When this happens, energy costs go up and they're passed onto you. Not only that, but it can threaten the safety of your company if a security standard is skipped. Intense documentation and vigilance is necessary for a data center, so look for centers who make it a priority to keep their policies up to date and ensure they're being followed on a regular basis. All of the information needs to be easily accessible, and employees should receive updated training for best practices. If the data center you're looking at has been certified by The Uptime Institute, then that's a good sign that they're staying in line with the newest operational standards.

3. Security 

We get used to thinking of the computer as a cloud, but there's more to it than that. Look for perimeter protection, secured cabinets or caged environments. keycard entry, biometric tests and constant monitoring with video surveillance. There should also be proficient archiving of all of the security footage overlooking the expensive equipment. The more these data centers catch the eyes of the wrong people, the more you need to find a place that will step up to the plate to protect your data in the physical and virtual world.

4. Capacity Strategies 

Wasted space means wasted money, and virtualization technology is the best way to reach optimal density. You want the most power and storage with the least impact on the environment and energy bills. Ask the data center about how they arrange their servers, and how they're trying to reduce their rack space and power suck. Find out how they divide their blocks, and what they've learned about configuration over time.

5. Constant Cooling 

As you might imagine, all the energy it takes to power that data can mean lots of heat. A hot/cold aisle is when server racks have the cold air intakes and hot air exhausts facing in opposite directions. It's generally one of the best ways known to reduce energy, and allows data centers to keep the equipment densely packed.

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