How Technology has changed the way we operate our deliveries

In simple terms a ‘delivery service’ can just be defined as some goods being transferred from one place to another within a certain timeframe. However, while the fundamentals of this remain in today’s modern delivery services, technology has certainly done its part to influence consumer expectation and in many cases the methodology.

So how exactly have deliveries changed? If we look back over the last decades we still had regular local and international deliveries, but today things are quite different thanks to innovations in technology.

Increased Speed

The speed in which we can order and indeed receive our consignments is perhaps one of the most significant changes, a lot of which is down to the expectations of society today. We are now used to receiving information much faster via our smartphones and tablets and as such expectation is spilling out into other aspects, including deliveries. Now you can even get super-fast same-day deliveries from companies like TNT Direct, which as the name suggests you can order your items and have them arrive in the same day.

More Flexibility

To build on the above point, we also have technology to thank for the great flexibility we have to order and receive deliveries. From the palms of our hands via our phones and devices we can order items at the push of a button and even arrange for them to be delivered at a certain time and place, from all over the world.

More Efficient Methods

If we go beyond our devices and computers the methods of delivery have evolved as well. There are still wagons, trains and planes being used for international shipping but these are now bigger, faster and overall more energy efficient. In some cases there are even purely electric vehicles being used to transport our goods.

Future Developments

The future also looks set to be bringing about even more technological advances in deliveries. There have been developments in using drone technology to possibly be used to deliver parcels remotely from a depot direct to a doorstep. Also, there’s also rumoured to be the potential for packages to be sent via underground pipes between locations.

So the next time you are about to purchase something online or over the phone for a delivery, just think about how far things have come from the days of long delivery times and slow processing. What’s more, be sure to keep a look out for some of the potential new tech that could see your parcels arriving quickly and autonomously.

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