Choosing the Right Delivery Service for your Small Online Business

As a small online business, working with a delivery company who you can rely on is crucial to your success. Not only is the delivery company your only point of contact directly with the customer, it also reflects hugely on the way that your company is perceived by others. So how can you choose the right delivery service for your online business to make sure that you’re projecting the very best company image, here are four things you should consider first.

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1. What type of delivery options do you want to offer?

Online businesses should be striving to offer their customers as many different and flexible delivery options as possible. An increasing trend with big online retailers is offering same and next day guarantee delivery however, a lot of smaller business will struggle to offer this type of quick and immediate delivery. Smaller business should instead ensure they are partnered with a reliable delivery, as while it is important to offer different/flexible delivery options like bigger companies can, it’s more important first that your partnered courier company can deliver orders on time and in the condition described. 

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2. What type of image do you want to project?

Thinking about the different type of image you want to portray will hugely influence on the type of courier service you go for. As an online business, using a courier service which is well presented, maintains a well-kept fleet of delivery vehicles, reliable staff and has a reputation for being on time and efficient, will make all the difference to enhancing your company’s business services and image.

3. Time and Customer Service

Using a delivery courier service which is less than efficient wastes your time as a business. Responding to customer queries and complaints over late deliveries or parcels which have been left in a poor condition can give your business a bad reputation by association and once things are online through complaints and bad reviews on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it can be hard to erase them. Choosing a reputable courier like InXpress can mitigate the amount of time you spend doing damage control and free up your time so you can devote it to developing your business further.

4. Are you going to expand?

If you have plans to expand rapidly in the near future, choosing a delivery company that you trust and can rely on will be essential to this process. A delivery courier which has experience of handling tricky shipments or international deliveries is a real asset and can be a vital part of any successful expansion plans therefore, its essential to build up and establish a reliable network of courier contacts that you can work with if you decide to expand internationally, it may also aid with negotiating better prices and deals. 

By following these tips to select the best possible courier service for you, you’ll be able to present the most positive image of your online business.

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