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According to many professionals that have dedicated time study and understand the Science of Happiness, happiness is a choice. Apparently, we are all responsible for our own happiness, because we have a choice to live our life in a certain way and it all goes down to our attitude, the attitude we have to deal with all our situations.

"A Happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes." - Unknown 

Then, what can we do to be happy? We need to work on our Happiness every day.

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Dalai Lama For those who don't know who Dalai Lama is, here is his website: Dalai Lama We also need to remember that our life is full of habits and what we have to do is simply to create some positive and good daily habits. Now I am going to list 10 Tips that I have learned from How to be happy, a website I have been following for a little while, tips that, if added in our life, can help us to be happier.

10 Tips for living a Happy Life 

1 Avoid comparing yourself to others. 
People should commit to their goals by giving their best in everything they do without comparing themselves to others. That way, peace of mind can be easily achieved because envy and jealousy are not taking place. Plus, success that comes with self-fulfillment equates to better happiness in life. So, if you do, you should stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, you should compete and compare yourself with the previous version of you and be motivated to do the best you can.

2 Be with the right people. 

A person should spend more time with smart, goal-oriented and driven people around them. Relationship with others plays an important role in being happy. As the saying goes, “no man is an island.” So, live life with the right people around you. Stay away from people who spread negativity and worry. Happiness is a choice so, be with people that are worthy to be admired, respected and loved because these people know how to give admiration, respect and love back to others.

3 Focus on what’s there, not on what’s not there. 

People should know how to appreciate the things they have. Being grateful brings a deeper meaning of happiness and contentment in life. If people are always thankful for everything, starting from the moment they open their eyes in the morning up to the moment they sleep at night, they usually consider problems as challenges for them to become a stronger person.

4 Have a positive outlook in life. 

Happiness is a choice yet there are several people who want to keep the feeling of negativity in their hearts and minds. As a result, some of them tend to give up easily, simply because they keep on worrying about what’s coming up instead of being grateful for what they have achieved in life. In order to have a positive outlook in life, it’s essential to treasure every moment as much as possible. Remember that it’s the most precious gift from the Creator so forget all the worries and think that every day is going to be a great day.

5 Always wear a smile. 

Smile is the cheapest, simplest yet most genuine thing that a person can give to another person. It acts as a magic spell where heavy situations could easily become light. It can also make way for new friendships and acquaintances. In fact, smiling can start a good conversation in common places. Studies show that the body releases all types of good endorphins whenever a person is happy because a simple smile automatically sends out happy signals to the brain.

6 Take good care of the body. 

Agree with the statement, “Laughter is the best medicine?” This is true because a body that’s well taken care of is connected to happiness. If the body doesn’t have a good physical energy, this negative energy will spread and affect all other areas including one’s mental, emotional and spiritual being. Recent studies found out that clinically-depressed people recover more easily when they are constantly doing exercise because it raises significant levels of happiness in the body. After only six months of continuous exercise, it’s surprising to see that these people have lowered their chances of relapsing into depression due to their increased sense of self-worth and self-accomplishment.

7 Live life full of honesty. 

People should exercise honesty within themselves first and everything else will follow. They must avoid cheating by staying true and faithful to their partners even it’s a difficult thing to do. Living a life with lesser problems caused by lies is the true essence of a successful relationship. Keep living a simple life and value integrity by following the heart’s good intentions and desires.

8 Help other people. 

In life, happiness is also about sharing to others. Show care to others and lend a helping hand through doing a simple act of kindness. Since happiness is a choice, make it a point to provide positive impact in the lives of others. Keep on doing things that will help reduce their burden and start by giving them a simple smile.

9 Know when it’s the best time to let go. 

Sometimes, people should let go of their feelings for others. It’s not enough to fight for love alone. Two people should fight for it or else, it won’t work. Learn how to move on after letting go. It may be difficult but it will surely allow time to forget every pain and suffering from the relationship. Don’t try to fix what’s already broken because doing so will only make things worse. Happiness is a choice, so stop chasing after people.

10 Embrace what life brings ahead. 

What’s important is embracing the present and the things to come. Don't dwell in the past and look forward to the future, but don't forget to live your present. A new day means a new beginning for each and every person living in this world. Make the best out of it even if it looks like a bad day and don’t forget to put a smile on every act that’s done. It’s important to avoid negative beliefs to occupy our minds and we should never give too much importance to the opinions of others. No one can control the happiness of a person because happiness is a choice that starts from within.

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