SipaBoards / the AIR collection live on Kickstarter

SipaBoards AIR Introduces A New Generation Of Paddleboards - The Self-Inflatables
“The future of SUP is paddling, not pumping”

SipaBoards, the company that designed world’s first self-inflating SUP has launched a brand new product and a Kickstarter campaign on March 21st 2016.

The brand-new SipaBoards AIR collection features a fully-integrated self-inflation system built right into the board. With the touch of a button the automatic pump will ensure that the SipaBoard Air inflates up to the perfect pressure while the paddler gets ready for their session. This premium quality SUP is designed to get paddleboarders on the water more quickly and more often.

The new Air product line comes in 3 board shapes, namely the All Rounder, a great board for the whole family, the Cruiser, ideal for longer paddleboarding trips, and the Balance (yoga) model, for tons of stability and serenity on the water. The sleek and smart design provides users with the absolute best paddling experience. They are the perfect first SUP, and a great addition to any paddleboarder’s arsenal.

SipaBoards’ first electric SUP picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award 2015, taking the honors in the competition’s highest category - the Best of the Best, and was was chosen as a finalist in the summer hardware category of the world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition ISPO Brand New Award.

Sipaboards on kickstarter

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