How Outsourcing Company Secretarial Services Will Grow Your Business

Save time and money with external secretarial support

Outsourcing your secretarial tasks makes good business sense, helping you to save time, work more efficiently, and boost your bottom line.

Outsourcing is a growing industry, with businesses now able to access specialist services in a number of different areas – including support for secretarial and administrative tasks.

Some companies can be reluctant to outsource their secretarial tasks to an external agency , often due to a misplaced belief that it is too costly, or due to a nervousness about sharing data with an external company. But, in reality, outsourcing this area of your business to a specialist provider can be a great move for your organisation.

Save time

One of the key benefits of outsourcing secretarial services is that it can save you valuable time. As the owner of a small business it’s very likely that you already take on responsibility for some of the administrative and secretarial tasks within your organisation – and this isn’t a great use of your time. Paying an external provider to take on some of the administrative tasks and secretarial duties, such as answering phones, managing diaries, travel planning and minute-taking, leaves you with more time to concentrate on the important matters such as building your brand and winning new business.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Using a professional secretarial service can also improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations. When you are trying to do too many things at once (as most SME owners are!), it’s inevitable that things are inadvertently forgotten or that errors are made. Outsourcing can help solve this. A key area where improvements can be made is in diary management. Having someone to manage your diary means that you are less likely to miss appointments or forget to reply to enquiries – and this helps to maintain the professional reputation of your company. Furthermore, having a dedicated experienced professional on hand to manage your administration reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes being made.

Access specialist skills

A key advantage of outsourcing your secretarial tasks is that it gives you instant access to expert advice and guidance. Many secretarial duties such, as maintaining tax records, preparing financial returns and documenting company resolutions involve complex paperwork that requires specialised knowledge - and there can be big penalties for non-compliance! To do this in-house would require hiring a specialist member of staff or investing a significant amount of time and money in on-going staff training. Why not outsource the headache and let someone with up-to-date expertise take responsibility for this area of your work?

Economic benefits

It may sound counter-intuitive, but paying an external company to manage your secretarial duties can actually prove to be very cost-effective. Employee costs are big outgoing for businesses and can be a particular strain on SMEs. By choosing to outsource, you can access support as and when it’s needed rather than employing a full-time member of secretarial staff. As well as reducing your wage bill, this also means that you can avoid additional HR costs such as holiday pay, sickness pay and other employee benefits. What’s more, outsourcing these tasks can free up you and your colleagues to concentrate on generating income and growing the business.

It’s clear to see that outsourcing secretarial services offers a number of benefits to small businesses – helping to save time, improve efficiency, boost profits and give you peace of mind. The service you need will depend on your business set-up and priorities, so make sure you do some research to find a company that fits your requirements. With your secretarial duties in hand, you can get on with the important task of making your business a success.

Author bio:
 Linda Carr is the Founder of Linda Carr Accountants, a Chartered Certified Firm of accountants based in Peterborough, which was established in 2009. Linda recognises the need for SME’s to be able to access a flexible accountant for an affordable price.

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