New Entrants In Data Center Industry Raise The Bar By Lowering Costs

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an international advocacy group for the environment released a study demonstrating highlighting the fact that data centers are using massive amounts of energy, and will need 53% more energy than they currently use by 2020. Energy consumption is costing data centers tremendously. To complicate the matter even more, most data centers are budgeting for more energy than they actually use, ultimately, overpaying for data increases cost for data centers.

New Entrants with New Takes on Data Centers

 Recently, new entrants within the data centers industry have managed to provide solutions to the potentially high need for more data. From new processes for cooling data to new pricing models, the call from the NRDC to data centers is in the process of getting answered.

Aligned Data Centers 

Aligned Data Centers (ADC) is a startup company offering wholesale colocation services. Their proposal to helping data centers save money and reduce the cost of operations is a new pricing method. Instead of data centers paying for data a year in advance, ADC is offering a pay - per - use data center model. With this model, data centers only pay for the energy they use, and share the facilities with other data centers. Based on this model, experts estimate that ADC can save data centers 70% of contract and upfront costs.


Introduced a new solution for data centers that will allow them to reduce their energy consumption by 70%. Coriant’s technology is a stackable solution designed to transport data - rich traffic between and throughout data centers easily. Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform is capable of handling 3.2 terabits of data in a 1RU form factor. The organization also utilizes a pay - as - you go model for data centers, which helps data centers reduce upfront costs.


Another new entrant in the market, Startoscale, offers data centers a software - defined data center solution (SDDC). The software, called Symphony, uses the advanced technology of hyperconverged architecture to arm even high - end technologies with the ability to create an SDDC in a few minutes, without the need for new hardware, which is great for company budgets.


 In a partnership with Facebook, Panasonic has developed Freeze - ray. Using an optical - debased system for archived data. Freeze - ray is the market’s current solution for storing and accessing data that is rarely used. With the help of Freeze - ray, data centers can reduce their operational costs and reduce their energy consumption.

With more innovative solutions like these in the pipeline, data centers are strongly encouraged to take a close look at these advances. For one, these organizations could potentially save a significant amount of money simply by leveraging these technologies, potentially allowing business to store more data for a reduced price as needs grow over the years. Additionally, these new technologies reduce the risk of data centers becoming the next big polluters. Utilizing more energy - efficient technologies reduces their need for energy, now and in the future.

New entrants in the data center industry can be the saving grace in the search to save costs and reduce energy consumption in data centers.

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