Сlickky - the Leading Platform for Mobile Monetization on Emerging Markets

Clickky, the international mobile marketing solutions provider introduces its mobile advertising platform. The Clickky platform offers advanced ad campaign management tools for mobile publishers, advertisers, and ad networks. Clickky’s main focus is mobile traffic monetisation.

Clickky is the largest mobile marketing platform in Eastern Europe and the leading platform for mobile monetization on emerging markets. The company development team has a deep understanding of the growing markets demands and creates solutions, tailored for the needs of mobile web and app.

Clickky platform generates more than 20,000 offers every day. It works with clients from all around the world and delivers over 100,000 clicks monthly.

Clickky features:

- Mobile web and app monetization tools
- High eCPM rates
- More than 20,000 ad campaigns daily
- Fast and easy integration
- Full-time support
- Diverse ad formats
- A convenient UI
- Appealing ads
- Real-time analytics

The Clickky platform was founded in 2013. Clickky operates worldwide delivering offers from more than 80 different countries. The company has four offices in three countries. Since it’s launch the company created a partner network and developed several successful mobile web and app traffic monetization solutions. In 2015 the company has launched AdExchange, an automated mobile marketing platform that provides access to more than 20,000 exclusive offers daily.

Clickky’s main focus is creating efficient monetization tools for mobile publishers.
You can find additional information about Clickky at clickky.biz.

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