Saturday, December 26, 2015

The days of dark, dreary and ultimately lonely retirement homes may thankfully be coming to an end. As one would expect, technology is at the forefront of this move away from the ‘old people’s home’ image that retirement properties have, with the homes that Generation X can look forward to being anything but fuddy-duddy.

Retirement property specialist, Anchor, have recently unveiled what they regard as the retirement property of the future, and the results look amazing. Built in a cylindrical fashion reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House project (pictured) in the 1940s, these homes will be all that one could hope for as we move into old age.

Future Retirement Homes Will Offer More Choice

One of the biggest problems with current retirement properties is the lack of choice available to those who move into them. This looks all set to change over the coming years as each property will potentially be able to be adapted and customised to suit an individual’s wants and needs.
Things such as internal and external space can be modified and the house itself will be able to rotate on a turntable in order to give the occupant the right amount of sun or shade that they require. Even the shape and style of the garden can be modified to best suit the requirements of those who move into each home.

Smart Tech Throughout

Every one of the new homes will be equipped with smart technology that will enable and empower the occupant as they move further into their later years. Health and wellbeing will be of utmost importance as designers seek to address the concerns of our growing elderly population thanks to the fact that so many of us are now living far longer lives.

Things such as monitoring walls will be incorporated into these homes of the future and it is hoped that the new buildings will be able to reduce the burden of an ever-increasing number of pensioners on the NHS. Other tech, like virtual fridges, holographic computers that double as coffee tables, and FaceTime access will all be part of these residencies too.

High Emphasis on Community

One concern that is often voiced with the increase in technology is the removal of community and the increased isolation that it can bring. Thankfully, this has been addressed too in the plans and the retirement property of the future will possibly be far more communal than the ones we see today.
All of the homes would be part of a village, which would be linked together via a collection of bridges. Even some of the outdoor spaces, such as parks and winter gardens, would be covered to encourage those who make up the community to get outside and mingle with others.

Investment Opportunities Abound

Should projects such as these begin to take shape, there will undoubtedly be a growing amount of property investment opportunities available in the retirement sector. With the amount of people living well into later life increasing, the need for such housing is something that many companies will be exploring. This, in turn, will give the investor another section of the property market to consider – one that has huge potential for growth and high returns.

Author bio:
Jonathan Stephens is the founder of SurrendenInvest and has a wealth of experience in the property sector and shares his knowledge by writing for property and investment magazines.

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