Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 Secure deal rooms and document security with Enterprise PDF DRM system

The word “Deal Room” gets lot of attention at the time of mergers and acquisition. This is the most active room in terms of data transfer and documents exchange when any company undergoes major change, merger, or acquisition. There are lot of important documents being exchanged between two parties under such condition and the confidentiality becomes the point of utmost concern. The deal room resembles the data room that protects all the confidential and crucial data of the organization. The only difference between the two is that the deal room gets active only when any deal takes place while the data room is there to protect the private enterprise data. The critical application of the deal room itself is the main reason for its security concerns. So, how does the enterprise DRM ensure the security of the deal room? Check out the security solutions below.

                                                     Security solutions for Deal Room

The data room stores the vital enterprise data for the definite time as decided by the owner. The entry to the data room is restricted and only those users who are authenticated by the owner of the data room can enter the data room to view the documents. The deal room on the other hand is different and is made available for limited time. All the documents related to the deal under consideration are shared on this platform.

The special security features include;

  • Limited access to the deal room. The owner or the developer of the deal room would decide on the participants. The participants are usually those who are the part of the deal, lawyers, accountants, and analysts. The secured access would make the entire deal room safe.

  • Documents availability for limited period. All the documents important for the deal are available for viewing on this deal room but for limited period only. The user can take a look at these documents for some time but not use these documents or download them either. This is possible only with secured deal room offered by DRM.

  • DRM controls laid on the deal room would not just restrict the access to the deal room but would also prohibit any unauthorized copying, printing, and viewing of the document.

  • The advanced DRM features also include Watermark. Adding Watermark to the documents viewed at deal room would increase the level of security. If document security in the deal room fails then the Watermark would bring the culprit in light. The users refrain from taking illegal photographs of the document due to the Watermark security.

  • The deal room developed through efficient Enterprise DRM software would also help the user to revoke the documents instantly as and when the need arises. Thus, the user can control both expiry and revocation of the document according to the situation in the deal room.

  • The deal room has found place in most of the organizational processes because of its security features and ease of operation. The user can make the deal room work for his organization during all major financial and legal transactions just by incorporating effective Enterprise DRM software.

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