How to impress Clients When Hosting a Business Tech Event

If you've got a new tech product or products in the pipeline and are planning your marketing strategy around them for when they launch, then you've very likely already considered the potential of events and trade shows.While many people think that the world of online is removing the need for people to get together and show their products and services, it just isn't true – even in the technology industries there’s simply no substitute for a physical event. Here are some tips for getting the most out of any event.

Attracting clients with your venue

First up is attracting clients over to your stand. If the event is outdoors, then you’re going to need a venue or temporary structure around it. Temporary structures are excellent for hosting events and exhibitions Take a look here to see some examples of the different types of structures you may want to consider. These types of structures can be purchased or hired, your choice should rely upon the frequency and purpose of use, how big the event will be how much space you have and the environment you want to create. If it’s indoors in a convention centre, then you’ll have less to think about, but ultimately, it’s the area where your guests are going to be walking, both indoor and outdoor, that counts to attracting those clients over.

Companies can spend several thousands getting their venues right, they should represent the image and atmosphere you wish to create and be aesthetically pleasing and memorable, but they need to also be functional and innovative too. The best stands strike a balance somewhere in-between. This pinterest board has lots of inspiration for finding that perfect balance for your event.

Engaging and interacting with you clients

Once you have attracted clients to your stand the next thing is to engage and interact with them. Clients that have come to visit your event want to see the products you are displaying or, learn more about your services. Product demonstrations, presentations, videos tutorials are a great way to showcase and engage with clients about your products and services. Invite them over to test out the products for themselves, and hold a question and answer seminar to resolve any questions that clients may have about your products and services. Get creative and Incorporate live social media alongside your event use hash-tags or, tweets and run a live stream twitter feed or video blog during the event. Technology and gadgets not only help attract visitors to your stand, they can also be a great way of gathering contacts, completing surveys and can demonstrate useful knowledge and expertise. Having your products available for people to see, touch, and use goes a long way into impressing clients.

Careful Planning and following up.

In Addition to this it is also very important that you and your colleagues know exactly what they’re doing and exactly how to help with clients at your event. You want to be able to personally meet as many people as possible, and demonstrate as much knowledge and expertise as you can, leaving them in no doubt about your product/service. Book in meetings and plan in advance if you can. This will help you organise things better and ultimately sell your products and services. Finally remember to follow up with any new leads within a few days of the event, make the contact personal and memorable.

Hosting a technology event is all about wowing people. Attract them with your cool stand, engage them with your technology expertise, and impress them with your personal skills, and you’re sure to have a successful Tech event.

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