Thursday, July 30, 2015

Being a digital nomad can be an exciting life, not being tied down with a nine to five job and having the opportunity to work across the world. Like any kind job it does have its drawbacks, but as a relatively recent way of managing a career based around digital technology, there are constant developments to make it easier. Working for a big business or yourself, from home, a cafĂ© or elsewhere can be enhanced with the following tools. 

Nomad List

As its name suggests, this free tool is aimed specifically at nomads, digital or otherwise. It is a detailed guide to living and working in cities across the world, whether intended as a short or long-term option. With a forum for interacting with fellow digital nomads, all the essential bits of information required for working freely in every place are included. Basics such as monthly living costs and climate to the best coffee shops with Wi-Fi are all noted. 


Social media has become ever more important for working life. Sometimes though you’ll see an important item related to work but not have time to read it and soon forget. Buffer is a great tool for managing various social media channels and adding to a queue. Schedule posts to go live at a later time or store it all in the same place to stay organised.

Virtual Offices

Working away from a desk does mean that if you need to see business clients or investors, arranging to meet in a coffee shop doesn’t give the most professional impression. Having no fixed address or just your home’s also looks less than professional too. Having a virtual office allows you to put a prestigious address on your website without committing to a full-time contract; additionally, virtual office providers often have bricks and mortar facilities you can use for conducting meetings or delivering pitches.


Staying in touch with colleagues can be tricky when they’re all based in one or many offices all over the world and you’re working elsewhere. Slack is a simple and free app that allows numerous channels to be created for specific themes. Users choose which to join so you can keep up to date with appropriate projects and not be overloaded with irrelevant messages.

UberTravelling to various places it’s likely you’ll need a taxi or two to get there on time. Uber is a fairly new service which works in many cities across the world and saves time finding local taxi numbers. It easily finds an Uber taxi nearby and informs you how much it will be, allowing you to accurately work out how long the journey will take.

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