Best Mac Cleaning Software for 2015 – ‘Compare’ Top Apps Now!

When it comes to hardware design and OS stability, the Apple is a clear leader and people are willing to pay the extra price for it. This is a great investment for home users and even professionals who need a computer that performs well. However, it is not uncommon for us home users to realize that even these computers get slow over time. There is no single reason for the Mac to slow down but it is usually too many applications either running in the background or having less disk space. Some applications will greatly minimize the inconvenience of maintaining the Mac. It is important to realize that only some maintenance can make the Mac perform better like before, so it usually never means that you need to buy a new computer. Here is what you can choose from in the year 2015!

Onyx Mac

The Onyx Mac is an effective utility that you can use for your Mac but has a slightly different installation procedure. Nevertheless it is a highly recommended app that you can download for free and it can also automate the routine maintenance checks so that your Mac never gets bogged down with too many unnecessary files. You just need to download the relevant version from the internet and then copy the file under ‘Applications’. You will easily see this app when you search it from Spotlight. It offers a number of options from where you should be able to delete the files. It is quite convenient and requires only some minutes for you to read through the preferences for maintenance.

Optimizing from Onyx Mac

It is always a good idea to check all the options that you can choose among the cleaning tools. However, it is a better idea to read what kind of files it is going to delete. It will never delete something important to your computer but it might delete something that is important to you. For example, one of the options suggests deleting the files that support the auto save feature of your documents. This is one thing that you might need to keep unchecked.


This is another new software called the MacKeeper. It is popularly advertised and you can easily see it across videos and its own website. Installation is very easy and it does quite a few tasks for maintain your Mac. It is a third-party application so you likely might not find it in the App Store. You can try this software and if you feel you need more support, then you can also uninstall the app.

Disk Inventory X

This is a software that does not exactly do the deleting for you, so it is perfectly safe to use this. It does one job really well for people who want stuff organized for them. It just scans your hard disk and sees what kind of files you are having. It will categorize those files and then it will enable you to see what kind of files you have presently. This way you will be able to point out which files are taking up too much space in your Mac. You might notice that some video files are taking up too much space and they be of no worth to you anymore. You can also upload some other documents in a cloud service just for keepsake.


The best Mac cleaning software is hard to recognize but it can be safe to say that the Onyx does a wonderful job as a Mac cleaner. It will clearly do all you instruct the software and it will not disappoint you. It is truly what you can do at best without spending too much time trying to search for the unimportant files. If there is any further improvement required then you should also realize that either your software is not up to date or your software just require a faster memory. In such a case, it is a great idea to invest in some extra RAM for your Mac. This will definitely improve the performance of your Mac and will also improve performance of applications and games as well.

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