How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

When properly cared for, your outdoor furniture can last for years. Depending on what type of materials it's made from, it may even last you decades. With winter fast approaching, it's important to take steps to protect your outdoor furniture so that it's protected from inclement weather. The following tips will help you protect your patio furniture for seasons to come.

Teak Furniture

Wood furniture like teak needs proper care to safeguard its longevity. In fact, many homeowners purchase teak patio furniture because it is durable and especially conducive to outdoor use. During the off season when you're not likely to use your patio, it's best to apply a sealer to your teak furniture (if previously sealed) and cover it during the rainy or cold season. Experts suggest that you "place a beach ball on table under the cover to create a 'tent.' This keeps cover off of table and allows a breathable air pocket for the wood." (1) If you are letting your teak age naturally without a sealer, simply cover it as previously directed.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Like teak patio furniture, wrought iron is designed to last; however, it's best to remove it from the patio to avoid moisture issues that could lead to rust spots. If you do notice rust spots while cleaning it before placing into storage, sand the rust away and "touch up with a spray paint made by the manufacturer." (2)

Natural Stone

If you have natural stone tabletops for patio tables of bars, it's best to bring them indoors during the winter season. Freezing can lead to cracks in the stone's surface and affect the look of your tables. Similarly, if you have stone benches, you might also want to store them away from moisture as well.

Steel Furniture

To keep your steel furniture looking sleek, you should remove it from your patio so it doesn't rust. Rust can damage the furniture's frame and decrease its longevity. If you notice rust spots when placing it into storage, be sure to buff them off and apply paint to touch up the surface.

Some furniture such as aluminum can be left outdoors for the season. However, depending on the winds, you might want to place these items in storage too. Be sure to clean any cushions or fabric as directed before you place your furniture into winter storage.


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