How To Get More Instagram Followers

Yes this is another article about ways to gain more Instagram followers. Why is getting more Instagram followers so important? Well it’s only the hippest social sharing app that has over 100 million users. No big deal right? Wrong. Instagram is the simplest tool you can use today to promote anything from your blog to your business. Everyone is using it and if you want to join the crowd and get notice you need to have an account ASAP.

How To Get Started On Instagram

For Instagram newbies, the first thing to do is download the app onto your smart phone. Although Instagram can be access via a computer in is designed for phones to make taking and sharing photos instantaneous. Link it to your Facebook profile to make social sharing simpler. When you take a photo on Instagram you have the option of sharing it on other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By linking it to Facebook you will automatically be connected to your friends and can start following them. They will also get alerted that you are now on Instagram and can follow you too.

Get Familiar With The Instagram Filters

The main reason why everyone loves the Instagram app is because of all the filters available. Personally, the iPhone filters just don’t come close to being as cool as the Instagram ones. The more you play with these the more familiar you will get with Instagram making each time you post less time consuming and more creative.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags allows you to be found by others who are searching that category. This will help other Instagram users find your posts and photos and build your network. You can use trending hashtags to up your chances of being seen online. Many long-term Instagram users see it as a challenge to come up with a never used before hashtag.

Connect With Other 'Instagrammers'

It’s called a social network for a reason so get social. If you are hoping to build a presence online then you need to get more followers and the easiest way to do this is to follow other Instagrammers and like their photos. Usually if you start following someone they will reciprocate and follow you.

Buy Instagram Followers

Not really a good long-term solution for building a stable online presence but everyone seems to be doing it. You know the old saying ‘fake it until you make it’, when you buy Instagram followers you are faking your numbers. Although this doesn’t get you any real Instagram followers it may encourage others to start following you because you already look established online. When doing this opt for the smallest package available as the sites offering the sale of Instagram followers is breaking the terms and conditions and if you get caught your account may be suspended.

Go Take Your First Pic Now!

The only real way to build a following on Instagram is to start using it. Go on what are you waiting for. It’s really simpler than you think and it’s a great tool as a creative outlet. That’s why so many people are using it.
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