The Best Alternatives to the PC Suite

Having access to PCs grants us a wide range of possibilities and options regarding the capturing of memories and scenes in life.  Specifically we’ll initially deal with the Nokia PC Suite.  The Nokia PC Suite allows users to sync information between their phones and various programs you have in your possession.  Some of these options include, but aren’t limited to Office Outlook, the option to create multimedia messages, and even the option of managing your phone’s data and calendar information.  This connection also allows for internet action through your phone’s connection. Aside from the general tasks previously mentioned, the PC Suite can be utilized for use of the following functions:
  1. You can use the PC Suite to send content back and forth between your phone and computer.  Due to the connection, you can also gain access to the most recent updates and apps.
  2. You can sync the Suite and your phone allowing various kinds of messaging and organization of data and information throughout your phone.
  3. You are able to create, view, and or edit contacts on your PC.
  4. You are able to ensure the protection of personal data and information on your phone by backing it up to a PC.
  5. You have the freedom to create playlists consisting of various multimedia files.
  6. You can gain access to various audio, image, and video clips.

What is of course most reassuring is what has already been listed.  The fact that all these documents and bits of data can be safely stored and duplicated on one’s PC is definitely a comforting thought.  This eliminates the initial worry or threat losing one’s phone, it being stolen, or simply undergoing a quite unfortunate accident.

Part 1: Why Need a PC Suite Alternative?

Now of course, with all these options right at a user’s fingertips and the protection and safety of backed up files, what’s left to discuss?  As reliable and intricate as this connection may appear to be, there are other options worth exploring.  For those who may be current users of this program or even for those of you are interested, the question may linger, “Why?”.  Well first, let us address just how reliable this back up function actually is.  

a.) Just How Reliable is Backup?
The backup function utilizes a non-documented binary format; in short, it can only be used to restore a phone.  That aside, third party programs that are utilized are not necessarily guaranteed to retrieve all lost data.

b.) Compatibility
This would definitely present itself as a roadblock initially.  In fact this may never become an issue for user who so happen to own working older models of PC computers.  PC Suite is compatible with Windows 7 32 bit or 64, Windows Vista 32 bit or 64 bit, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, and Windows XP Professional or Home Edition with Service pack 2 or later.  At the initial glance on would assume this cover all options regarding compatibility.  We cannot, however, forget the recall of almost all Windows 7 products for Windows 8.  Windows 8 was not listed as compatible, and considering the difficulties in purchasing a quality Windows 7 computer, it makes true compatibility and convenience a great issue.

c.) Program Compatibility
This category is somewhat similar to the one mentioned before it.  This pertains not to the model of PC, but the programs that are typically found in relation to the compatible PCs. There are quite a few programs that can be synced including the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Lotus Organizer
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Contacts
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Calendar
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks
  • Windows 2000/XP files and folders

This leaves various options for users to sync with, however, these are quite out of date with what current models offer.  One would be quite hard-pressed to find these programs in abundance in today’s modern PCs.  Quickly, this reduces what at first appeared to be a myriad of options down to inconvenience and sheer impracticality.  

Part 2: Great Alternatives to the PC Suite

What originally appeared as a great and at times even a necessary option has now quickly been reduced a convenient idea in need of remodeling and drastic updates.  There are other programs similar there are more to up to date, and we’ll discussing information regarding such so users will no longer have to rely solely on outdated programs and Pcs.

This is a free program that is compatible with Windows 7, and although it is a challenge finding Windows 7 computers in stores buyers have a greater chance purchasing these newer models more than any of the aforementioned PC types. Microsoft’s free program allows you the ability to sync contacts, music, pictures, and various other categories of information and data between your phone and PC.  This program can sync through USB or Bluetooth.  You will need to establish a Windows Live account, as this is how the contacts are synced.   Even with the information provided, it is clearly a much more pragmatic choice than the PC Suite.  While Windows 7 PCs may not be as simple to find as Windows 8, they are definitely in more demand than any later models and the programs are relatively up to date.

Phone Data Manger also holds a one up over the backup capabilities of the PC Suite. As stated before, this program syncs all your contacts with Windows Live Contacts so if you happen to run into an accident or switch phones recovering the information shouldn’t take more than a manner of minutes.  The program is also compatible with Smart and non-smart phones, however, they must uphold specific standards.

  • For syncing related procedures- your phone must support the SyncML standard
  • For downloading files- your phone must support OBEX.

This program holds over 13 million downloads for the Android.  This program provides great ease when managing files on your phone or tablet.  What is quite intriguing and different about this application is that it allows you to manage all of your files without the need for a computer. You are free to copy, paste, delete, create folders etc.  This app definitely delivers convenience, as it allows to specific search for whatever you may be looking for instead of scrolling through bits of information.  When it comes to current technology, this is definitely the path to take, as it is the most up to date, and saves users the hassle of having to find a compatible PC.  The program features file backup capabilities; users can back up all information, data, and apps to an SD card. While this may not be drastically different than other file managers, this permits users the freedom of managing while on the go.  You no longer have to be bound to a PC.

This is also another option for Android owners.  If you happen to utilize multiple apps, music, videos, and texting this is the perfect fit.  This offers limitless device support and Wi-fi.  This definitely beats all other options when it comes to back files up.  The MobileGo can send all data to a PC with the single click of a button with a guaranteed 100 percent back up.  Users are given the option of responding a multitude of ways to instant messaging through their PC; this is perfect for those who enjoy a variety of social networking.  There is also the ease of exporting and importing apps for those who simply can’t go without them.    Further detailed information can be found below:

Backing Files Up
An individual can restore everything or they can choose to restore a few selected files back to the Android phone just with a click. Through the Android Manager an owner of an older model Smart Phone can transfer all of their call history, contacts, and texts.  This simply great if you plan on upgrading phones, it allows you to literally keep track of everything.
Expanded Capabilities
If you find that you are a person who loves to text, then this will be a great fit.  MobileGo serves as SMS aid which will aid you in group texting.  You won’t have to bother with sending out the same message to your contacts one after the other.  MobileGo will grant you the option of texting your friends simultaneously from a PC.
MobileGo also allows you complete control over just how much space your collective data takes up.  You can select any important messages and or threads and back them up to your computer as .xlm or .txt extension files.  You are also free to import messages from any of your Android phones.  


Administering Calls
MobileGo can also notify you when you have incoming calls.  With this program if you happen to be busy or simply don’t feel like answering you are presented with two options.  You can choose to directly end the call or respond with a text from the computer.
With so many expansive options available this would definitely have to be one of the better options to replace PC Suite.  MobileGo provides efficiency and convenience all while presenting the most current and up to date technologies.  

4. Gammu
This is the fourth option presented.  A new updated version was released and was declared to be stable.  Gammu allows for many of features the other programs permit.  The list of phones supported is lengthy and include: Alcatel, Apple, Blackberry, LG, Lenovo, Mitsubishi, and many others. This definitely suggests that Gammu is up to date enough to be of use to individuals who utilize more efficient phones.  The features provided are clearly outlined by the Gammu website.  One can expect the following:
  • Calendar organization
  • Exporting and importing files to phone
  • Translations into several languages
  • Message display with pictures
  • Exporting messages to email
  • Support and backup of messages

The following are screenshots of Gammu’s various features:
Conversation Display Window Phonebook
Kalkun - conversation windowKalkun - phonebook Kalkun - dashboard
Holistically, this is definitely a valid option to replace PC Suite.  It is not lacking in many features and can perform the basic task of backing up files, storing, and retrieving information.  What makes this desirable is the fact that it has a high compatibility with various phones.  You aren’t to purchase the most expensive item on the market to make use of this program’s features.

5. Funambol
This is definitely a versatile option, as it consists of a sync server, apps, and a connecting device to interface with separate software.  It consists of data charts, calendars, task notes, and an open source version which syncs contacts, address books, and agendas.  You can expect the following:
  • Syncing capabililties with video, images, audio, and notes across your device
  • A wide range of compatible phones
    • Iphone
    • Ipad
    • Blackberry
    • Symbian
    • Windows Mobile
    • Java Me
    • Mac

Funambol Address Book

This is a rather simplistic format as can be seen from its basic features.  This would be preferred by users who possess any wide variety of compatible phones, and who require basic syncing export/import, and storing features.

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