The Savvy Guide to Saving Money on Energy Bills

Like many people, there seems to be too much month at the end of your money and so it is imperative that you start saving money on your energy bills. As one of the main expenses of the household, saving money on this is vital to a healthy bank balance. The cost of living is constantly rising, so by being savvy with your money and by shopping around for better deals, you are subsequently giving yourself a great quality of life. After all, who doesn’t want more disposable income at the end of every month?

Of course, for some of us money is an object. For those of us who need to cut back on their expenditure, there are cheaper methods of insulation. 

Thick curtains, good quality Change Providers:
It seems that in this thoroughly modern age, loyalty does not pay. The best deals are given to new customers, so be another companies new customer. This has the potential to save you hundreds year on year. Energy companies tend to change their prices twice a year, so you are likely to be in for a price hike at least once during your time with that company. Moreover, those who opt for duel fuel from one provider are likely to save more money too. Switch around and shop for a better deal. See what the competition holds. Likewise, by switching to a smaller company, you have the potential to save a small fortune. Check out Duke Energy in Ohio, who can offer great rates.
Turn It Off:
Turn all electrical items off if you are not using them. It seems to be fairly commonsensical to do so, but so many of us leave our gadgets and electrical items plugged in and on stand-by even if we’re not using them.
High Cost Insulation:
Have you considered that your home may be a black hole for heating and energy? Insulation is the key to ensuring that you are not wasting more energy than you need to be. Should you have old doors, windows and a lack of insulation in general, you will be wasting more energy than you think. It may be worth investing in new windows and doors, as well as cavity wall installations to save yourself a potential fortune.
Cheap Insulating Methods:
carpet and buying draft excluders means that you can save money on your energy bills. While draft excluders may not be the sexiest item on your shopping list, the possibilities of spending the extra money you have saved is endless.
Boiler Checks:
One of the most expensive ways to see good energy go to waste is through your current boiler. While the old boiler may hold some sentimental attachment, it is time to let go. Invest in a new boiler. The initial outlay may be more costly, but having an overall efficient boiler is a great way to save money. Boilers have energy ratings, so it may be worth doing some desk research to see which boilers are the best for investing in.
Watch the savings coming flooding in, giving you more money to buy the things you love.

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