Print Versus Digital Catalogue Publishing

Opting for digital catalogue publishing over print is a money-saving option that will benefit your company in seemingly innumerable ways. Let’s pit digital catalogue publishing against print publishing and find out why the former is the obvious winner.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital catalogue publishing is the clear choice from an environmental standpoint. Print catalogues cost hundreds if not thousands of money to print, which uses a lot of paper and can greatly limit circulation. You might want to distribute your catalogue featuring new items bi-weekly or monthly, but only have the budget for distribution every two months. This severely limits how often customers are exposed to your products. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint in addition to saving money, digital catalogue publishing wins hands down.

Increased Brand Exposure

Print catalogue publishing can’t hold a proverbial candle to digital catalogue publishing in terms of brand awareness. A company that goes the digital catalogue route showcases its brand to a global audience, while print catalogue publishing is limited to individual countries at best. If a print catalogue is shipped to another country, costs again go up due to international shipping fees. Digital catalogue publishing puts your business’s catalogue at people’s fingertips anytime, anywhere, and from any location on the planet. Accessing your catalogue requires a few screen swipes or clicks, while obtaining print versions requires waiting until the next issue is mailed.

Digital catalogue publishing also makes it easy to advertise your brand, as once again the catalogue is available instantly. “Local” advertising techniques such as billboards, brochures, flyers and newspaper ads are just that--local. Unlike digital catalogues, such options are not reaching a worldwide audience, even if a billboard is all over town or a brochure is sent to the entire Pacific Northwest. When utilizing digital catalogue publishing, you’re eliminating customer wait time, significantly increasing your brand’s exposure, and saving money on routine printing and mailing costs.

Added Features and Services

Digital catalogue publishing allows for endless creativity, as you can design new and visually stunning catalogue images as often as you want. Add other fabulous features, such as social media buttons, blogs, fun links and more. Perhaps best of all, customers can purchase products directly through the catalogue rather than filling out a print form, mailing it and waiting however long for the product to arrive. Customers can browse and instantly purchase products as they go, thus reducing product arrival time. The customer no longer has to wait for the company to receive their order form. Instead, the company receives the order as soon as the purchase is made.

The addition of features such as social media buttons again increases brand awareness, as customers are likely to share favorite products or services on their assorted feeds. Customer interaction significantly increases as well when using digital publishing software. Offer contests, coupons and discounts, and easily access customer feedback as they discuss your products, all via social media.

These are just some of the many ways digital catalogue publishing wins gold over print. Customers look at a digital catalogue because they want to rather than instantly recycling a print catalogue they received in the mail. Choosing to create a digital catalogue is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as well as, increases brand exposure and benefits customers. There is really no question over which is the better option.

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