Online Photo Editors For Making Funny Photos: Webcamio And Funnywow

Photography is undoubtedly a serious form of visual art that requires a strong aesthetic sense and professional expertise. However, who said it can’t be comical? While we all love high-quality wedding photos and videos, it never hurts to entertain yourself by making hilarious photographs using dead simple online editors with funny effects. Today we’re talking about Webcamio, a kid-friendly website operating as a kind of online photo booth.

Your Photos Don’t Have to Be Boring

Webcamio targets people looking for an easy-to-use web-based photo editor with funny filters and effects. It works through your browser and requires no downloads and installation. All you need is an active web camera, stable Internet connection, leisure time and some inspiration! The rest will be handled by the website. Webcamio requires no registration - it can be used immediately after clicking the ‘Get Started’ button. The program will automatically detect your web camera and connect to it after your approval. The entire process takes less than thirty seconds.

Effects and Filters

With Webcamio you can apply different sorts of effects - there are more than one hundred ways to enhance your photo there! Some of these include filters, distorting mirrors, beautiful and funny frames, collages and more. You can mix these effects to get the desired look ad lib. There are so many ways to make your pics absurd and hilarious, that Webcamio will keep you entertained for hours! Once you have taken a snapshot, you can immediately share it using one of the sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter etc.) If you’re not going to share pictures publicly, you can download the end product on your computer and then share it privately over email with your friends and loved ones or upload it as your profile picture on Facebook, for example.
Webcamio respects your privacy - it doesn’t store your photographs. The service is completely free, so you can make umpteen funny photographs without spending a dime.


Sometimes it happens that you need to edit an existing photograph. For example, if you want to make a gift or surprise a friend. If this is the case, you need to find an online editor working with ready pictures. Let’s say Funnywow. This entertaining website is incredibly popular for its huge collection of effects, both beautiful and funny. Using Funnywow, you can add a romantic frame or text, change the background and even place yourself/your friend next to a celebrity. Funnywow Team regularly updates the collection - so you can check them out from time to time for new frames and effects. The procedure is also very simple: you pick an effect, upload an image, adjust it and save changes. When your picture is ready, download it to your computer, share with friends or print out - it’s up to you!
Webcamio and similar websites will help you make your own funny pictures in no time, in a hassle-free manner. There are so many ideas to employ there: puzzles, ‘Wanted’ posters, photos with celebs and famous sights like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Unleash your inner artist!

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