Evolution Of Phone Cases

Much has been written about the evolution of the mobile phone. From the huge, house-brick-sized models which defined the latter half of the eighties to the sleek smartphones of today, the mobile industry has come a long way. But what about the once humble mobile phone case? Just as the phones have undergone a radical transformation over the years, so too has the mobile phone case.

The Early Days

During the formative years of the mobile phone, protective cases did not exist as they were not really needed. The earliest handsets were large and bulky and so did not require any extra protection. The cost of these early phones was also so high that the market for them was limited, and certainly not enough to justify releasing a string of accessories. As demand for mobiles began to grow, they gradually became more affordable to everyday users. As the overall size and weight of most mobile models dropped to more manageable levels, the need for protective covers and cases became apparent.

The first phone cases were simple plastic affairs, cheaply manufactured to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. They served just one purpose – to protect your phone. At this point in time, mobile phones were seen as just a handy way of being contactable no matter where you were. To a certain extent, it did not really matter what make or model you possessed. As technology advanced, however, the humble mobile phone morphed into a fashion accessory — a true statement about what the user was all about. As such, the phone case had to change too.

A Statement of Fashion

The average mobile phone case of today bears little or no resemblance to those of twenty years ago. It is no longer satisfactory for a case just to protect – it needs to look good too. The design work on many cases available today is truly stunning. In addition to mass-produced designs, it is also possible to get your own personalised phone cases which feature photographic images of friends, family, pets or whatever you choose to have. These, of course, truly are unique to you.

The material used in the manufacture of today’s cases is of a much higher quality than before. Rather than cheap plastic, many of the better models are made from top-quality leather which will last for many years and protect your phone to the maximum.

Influence of the Mobile

It has been estimated that there are now more mobile phones in the United Kingdom than there are people. The influence of the mobile on modern society is truly astonishing. With so many phones in existence, it is becoming more and more important to stand out from the crowd and display individuality. This is where mobile accessories, particularly cases, come into play. The choice of case is now almost as vital as the phone itself.

Author Bio: With an interest in digital marketing, fitness and technology Monika Grzankowska regularly shares her knowledge and tips on various blogs, including Mr Nutcase 

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