Top 3 Enterprise-Level Messengers

I’m always a little surprised at business owners using public IM (Instant Messaging) applications for office communication. Many choose popular public messengers because they’re incredibly easy-to-install, user-friendly and more often than not are available for free download. However, along with these advantages they may hide many potential inconveniences and dangers. Haven’t you heard about the electronic surveillance data mining program associated with such major tech companies like Google, Yahoo!, Youtube, Skype and others? Perhaps, it’s time to consider using an alternative, more secure messenger. Join me reviewing three popular LAN (Local Area Network) messengers to discover the key advantages of these handy apps.

Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN messenger ( is an IM application that goes beyond just sending and receiving messages in real time. It is an enterprise-level piece of software tailored exclusively to the needs of small and large-scale businesses. Specifically, it provides users with an unrivalled level of security (thanks to the sophisticated AES encryption algorithm protecting each single message sent via the system), and a whole pack of features:

- Private and group channels.
- Group notification.
- File transmission.
- Message logging.
- Serverless architecture.
- User grouping: administrators can arrange users in groups by titles/business departments.
- Multilanguage user interface. Included languages: French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Polish and more.
- Full Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 support.
- Easy import and export of LAN settings: configure network settings on one PC, export them to a file and then use it on any other computer on your network.

The messenger doesn’t require an Internet connection, thus minimizing external attacks and preventing employees from chatting with friends and family during working hours.


Squiggle is a highly rated, open source LAN messenger developed by Overroot. Similar to Softros LAN messenger, it’s very easy-to-install and use. Squiggle provides users with a pretty decent feature set:

- Group, broadcast and private chat rooms.
- Bridge for connecting different LANs across WAN (Wide Area Network) or subnets.
- Multiple file transfer.
- Audio alerts, emoticons.
- Spell check.
- Chat and status history.

Squiggle has a lovely user interface and is updated on a regular basis.

Winpopup LAN Messenger

Winpopup LAN messenger comes in two versions: extended and simple. While the latter bears a strong resemblance to such well established apps like ICQ or MSN messenger, the former is more complicated and may require professional assistance. Distinctive characteristics:

- Offline and online messaging.
- Powerful group management.
- Full message history.

Winpopup LAN messenger is available for free download if your intranet has up to three users. If you need more than 3 licenses, you have to purchase those on a per user basis. The app comes at $14.95 - $6.95 based on the number of users.

To Wrap It Up

Enterprise-level LAN messengers have proven successful in business communication. They help companies improve office communication, and thus raise productivity which in its turn results in higher profitability. Are they really worth your money? You can check them out free yourself - either through downloading a free trial version of Softros LAN messenger or through getting a free copy of Winpopup (it remains free for networks connecting up to 3 users).

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