Cool iPad Tips And Tricks

You probably know that your iPad goes way beyond just a computing and entertainment device. You also likely know that your iPad helps you become more productive. But, do you know that your iPad can connect to real world things and end up enhancing their potential and your pleasure? No? Okay, here’s how:

You Can Connect Your iPad To Your HDTV

Do you want your iPad to display your HDTV’s programs? Well, all you have to do is buy Apple’s Digital AV Adapter, which allows you to plug your tablet into your TV (in the HDMI port). But then this is a “wired” option. If you want to go wireless, you should buy AppleTV and use the AirPlay feature to beam its display on your iPad.

You Can Stream Music and Movies On Your Tablet

Use iTunes’ HomeSharing feature to play music and movies that are stored on your PC or laptop on your iPad. HomeShare does not require you to load the data on your iPad, thereby helping you save on drive space. Once you become an advanced user, you can even stream data from PC to iPad to TV.

You Can Send Faxes From Your iPad

Yeah, you can! And you don’t have to plug your iPad to a fax device. All you have to do is download an email to fax app and bingo, you can send and receive faxes (national and international) while on the go. Of course, such apps charge a nominal monthly fee – so download one only if you are a mobile faxer.

You Can Use Your iPad as a Second Computer Monitor

To do this, download the iDisplay app. iDisplay costs $5 and is intended for folks who require two monitors to check on critical data such as stock market charts, research data laid out in many columns, etc. I have seen gamers buy this app to watch the beauty of blood and gore on two screens – I find this unnecessary. Anyway, use your judgment – it’s your money!

You Can Strum A Guitar On Your Tablet

To do this, you have to work with iRig, an innovative app that allows you to plug your guitar into your iPad and play it on the screen. The app includes a pre-amp, which improves the tone and free software (AmpliTube) that simulates an amp and comes equipped with two sound effects – Noise Filter and Delay. You also get the Distortion effect when you register the app. Other effects can be purchased for up to $4.99 each.

You Can Print Documents From Your iPad

You have to download AirPrint, a nifty app that allows you to print documents on compatible printers. And, don’t worry, the app supports many printers and chances are that it will work for you. If your printer isn’t AirPrint-compatible, don’t worry (again) – chances are that it is wireless and that means you may be able to print from your beloved tablet.
Aside from these I also use FiOS Mobile, which allows me to control cable TV from my iPad. No more button-filled remotes for me!

This is how I connect my iPad with offline real-world things and increase my fun and knowledge. 

What’s your iPad story?

Author Bio:
Michael T. Keller is a tech-buff living with his wife and two sons in Milwaukee, WI. He believes in the power of technology and on a paperless environment. 
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